Search Engine Optimization

If you have looked into digital marketing in recent years, it’s possible that you’ve heard the phrase “SEO is dead.” However, nothing could be further from the truth. Search Engine Optimization has been the lifeblood of being found through search engine searches for well over a decade and it will continue to be important for years to come. The “dead” part of SEO is attempting to manipulate the signals that search engines use for ranking sites. In recent years, Google and other search engines have caught on to these manipulated signals and worked to minimize the effect of the manipulation and/or penalize those sites that have used those practices, especially in excess.

Start with a Strategy

Establishing an SEO strategy is like planning your event. The more thought you put into who you want to attend and how you’re going to
let them know about your event, the more successful you’ll be.
Your SEO strategy should begin with these questions:
• Who is your ideal customer?
• Where are they located?
• Where do they spend their time online?
• What words and terms might they use to search for companies like yours?
• What is their likely intent behind each search query?

Optimize Your Website

Once you have a strategy in place, you’ll need to optimize your website.
Doing so is like following the rules and guidelines established for having
your event listed in event calendars and listings.

Typically, you can’t just call the publisher of an event calendar on the day of your event and expect it to be listed. Similarly, you can’t expect SEO to launch you to the top of the search results overnight.

We have the right strategy to optimize your website to yield long term SEO results.