Planning and implementing a network wired, unwired or vpn from scratch can be complex and time consuming, particularly when you have a business to run. This is where we come in at Stephotec to design, supply, install and implement every detail of your IT network whatever your requirements or size of your company. Whether you simply want two or more computers to share a printer or need a fully networked computer system with separate servers to store your files and emails,

Our engineers are skilled in designing and installing a wide range of networks on different operating systems. We work closely with our customers to provide an IT solution that is designed to meet your current needs and is capable of being upgraded or expanded as your needs change in the future.

If you already have a network we can assess how securely and efficiently your current system is performing. We can then identify ways your system could be improved and implement those improvements for you.

Having the right network in place is the first step to improving efficiency and unlocking business potential.

Our teams are able to provide the solution to meet your needs, from fully managed contractual maintenance for your IT systems to ad-hoc support in times of crisis.

Local area networks (LANs) are computer networks ranging in size from a few computers in a single office or organization to hundreds or even thousands of devices spread across several buildings. They function to connect or link computers together and provide shared access to applications, printers, file servers, and other services. LANs in turn may be plugged into larger networks, such as larger LANs or wide area networks (WANs), connecting many computers within an organization to each other and or to the Internet.

Many LANs also include signal repeaters and bridges or routers, especially if they are large or connect to other networks.

The level of management required to run a LAN depends on the type, configuration, structured cabling systems use an advanced topology to create one central convergence point in your organization, offices or home for all media and electronics distribution and number of computers or devices involved, but in some cases it can be considerable.

Wireless network is a network set up by using radio signal frequency to communicate among computers and other network devices. Sometimes it’s also referred to as WiFi network or WLAN.

Many businesses also see wireless as a 'must have' service for their customers and clients, and the provision of these services, often free of charge, is now becoming a normal feature in bars and restaurants, as well as the traditional office workplace.

A simple wireless network can be installed in a short amount of time and will often negate the need for much, if not all, of the traditional wired cabling requirements in a building.