A lot of programming newbies are faced with the common question (which language do i learn first and how do i start). Base on many years of programming, that is why i come up with this article “Learning Programming Language Quickly”.  I will suggest you figure out your area of specialization, I mean, are you interested in web app, desktop app, mobile app, game, hardware embedded programs and so on. your answer will determine which programming language to learn, because each programming language has their strength and weakness, therefore you must select a programming language that has the full capacity to handle your choice of application.

Note: because all programming languages have some features like (variable, operator, statement, condition, loops etc ) in common steps listed below may be helpful:

1. Learn Language basics

a. Variable type

b. Operators

c. Basic input and output

d. Basic program structure

2. Learn data structure / containers

a. Dictionary

b. Set

c. List

d. Array

3. Learn basic file I/O

a. How to read a file in

b. How to write a file out

c. This goes from simple reading of a text file to database

4. Learn some basic Networking with your language

a. Making HTTP requests with your language

i. learn how to GET, POST, DELETE e.t.c

ii. how to set your requests properly

iii. how to handle responses and status codes.

b. Learn some SOCKET programming in your language.

5. Learn Object Oriented / Functional programming paradigm tools

a. For Object Oriented, you need to learn how to use


b. For Functional programming, you need to learn how your

language uses BLOCKS or LAMBDAS, how function

pointers or callback works.

6. Learn how to build project in your language

a. e.g in C++ you’ll have to learn how to build static libraries,

shared libraries, how o link your applications properly.

7. Learn Extra goodies in any language of your choice

a. e.g Ruby has a lot of cool methods on enumerated types,

JAVA has a lot of libraries to make your life easy e.t.c

Breaking down your learning this way will aid your focus and concentration.


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Welcome to the world of programming.